The Canadian Tire First Shift covers a vast area of routines, games and activities that will be beneficial to the participants enjoyment of the program and experience as a hockey player. The curriculum goes as follows.

  • All on-ice activities are organized in small areas and skills stations with the goal of keeping players active throughout the session.
  • On-ice activities are focused on a wide variety of skating skills, handling pucks and other objects and passing and shooting exercises.
  • Players will be encouraged to discover the feeling and a variety of basic motor movement patterns through fun games and skill activities.
  • Small area games and activities like cross-ice pond hockey and assorted fun games will ensure participants enjoy a full range of hockey experiences.
  • Fun games like British Bull Dog, Red Light-Green Light, Cops and Robbers, are fun approaches to improving balance and skating skills.

Praise and encouragement will serve as the foundation of the instructor’s approach to working with all participants.