Program Resource Requirements

Interested in bringing The Canadian Tire First Shift Program to your Association?

There are a few key factors involved in organizing and hosting The Canadian Tire First Shift program. Finding the right people to coordinate and administer the program will help ensure a successful execution. The three key roles include: a Program Administrator, an On-Ice Lead and a group of On-Ice Instructors. Read the overview outlining expectations for each role within The Canadian Tire First Shift Program.

  • People are the key to success!
  • Positive, energetic, creative, fun-loving and patient.
  • Experience teaching hockey is not necessary for everyone, but must possess a desire to work with children.

There are three key roles:

  • Program Administrator (x1)
  • On-Ice Lead (x1)
  • Instructors (x9) (to ensure 4:1 ratio)

Consider a fresh approach!  Pulling from within the organization may not be the best solution, but THE CANADIAN TIRE FIRST SHIFT program can be a grooming area for future coaches.

Program Administrator

Serves as the face of The First Shift within the Association


 On-Ice Lead

Leading the way for Instructors, Parents & Kids


 On-Ice Instructor

An instructor and role model for kids in The First Shift program